Jayne Lawless
  • Installation Artist and Sculptor.portrait

    Born in 1974, Jayne Lawless is an installation and sculpture artist from Liverpool, England.

    Despite being her passion (and pain), it wasn't until after a variety of different working roles (including among many others, a trainee car mechanic, a waitress at a New York restaurant, and an aide to asylum seeking refugees) that Jayne began her career in art.

    Following a Foundation Art course at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth, she graduated in 2004 from University Campus Suffolk in Ipswich with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art.

    In 2009 she gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Stass Paraskos' acclaimed Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, near Paphos, Cyprus. Jayne has widely exhibited work in London, Liverpool, Suffolk, Poland and Cyprus, and was a shortlisted finalist of the inaugural Liverpool Art Prize in 2008, Liverpool's Capital of Culture year, for her work Tunnel (2007).

    2010-2011 was a busy time for Jayne, embarking on and completing her Masters degree study at Bath Spa University and involving herself in a number of projects, not least the Venice Biennale with Artsway.

  • Developments in styleJayne Lawless Sculptor

    Jayne's way of working evolved at university from using everyday materials to experimenting with putting unusual and contrasting combinations together, like nylon tights and bricks in Confidence (2003) and nylon and resin with Sexy Bitch (2003), and later playing with scale using the experimental techniques learnt in The Workers (2004).

    "I believe Art should be visually stimulating as well as intellectually challenging which probably puts one foot in the conceptualist camp and the other in the traditionalists - I think good work doesn't or shouldn't need an essay pinned up next to it, we respond when we are stimulated and that is my aim, to make stimulating work. My work changed a lot in my time away from the UK with a fresh perspective on themes of homes, place and a sense of belonging."

  • Style Continued...Wall

    Her approach to art cannot help but incorporate these themes but she always strives to take fresh directions and be as spontaneous as possible. This has never been more apparent than with the opportunities that presented themselves following graduation when Jayne's growing interest in responding to specific spaces were allowed to be explored in some very unique residencies. These produced thought provoking installations such as Nanny and Pop (2005), Labour to Lush (2005) and Home? (2005). And as Artist in Residence for the New Wolsey Theatre, Tunnel (2007), opened to acclaim from many plaudits as public art that allowed theatre goers and passers-by alike to experience being on 'the other side of the curtain' and provoke a sense of anticipation for audience members about to see a live performance.

    Fine examples of autobiographical art from Jayne include the self-explanatory pieces, The Thing That Holds You Back (2006) and The Thing That Holds You Back (Part II) (2008), the former first shown at Liverpool's Red Wire Gallery and both exhibited at the Novas Scarman Contemporary Urban Centre as part of the 2008 Liverpool Art Prize. Jayne says:

    "...they were a reaction to the frustration felt in attempting to realise creative ideas against a tide of bureaucracy and restrictions. After a few years out of college when reality had well and truly bitten about dreams of being a self-funding artist, I wanted work that was clear, no nonsense and strong."

  • Current Practice.Jayne Lawless Artist

    Jayne's current practice continues to highlight the diversity of her work. Heavily influenced by travels to Mexico and Cyprus, and social housing issues at home and abroad - highlighted by The L5 Series (2008), Another Useless House (2009) and L5 6QW (2011) - her immediate concerns focus on form, space, construction and architecture.

    She has also 'rediscovered' the art of drawing. But generally: "I produce work that responds to its location and space and do not like to approach my projects with any predefined ideas. Instead, I prefer to allow the context to dictate what form the eventual piece will take."

  • Contact:

    Email: jaynelawless@yahoo.com

    Telephone: 07578598185