Dead Pigeon Gallery – 189 Oakfield Road


Dead Pigeon Gallery continued its journey across the City, landing at 189 Oakfield Rd, on the Anfield/Everton border, hosted by Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) in one of their soon to be renovated houses. 

Catherine Dalton and I became involved with Homebaked in 2011. We were always struck by how many fellow artists had also come to light via the project and, as Homebaked CLT reached a pivotal moment in its history, it felt now was the time for DPG to collaborate again.

Everyone included in this show has worked with, or connected via, either Homebaked CLT or the Homebaked Community Bakery. They have taken roles such as bakers, board members, managers and counter assistants, highlighting the value of having artists on board at whatever level.  

We’re proud of the cultural legacy that has grown out of Homebaked, and Dead Pigeon Gallery has now invited artists back to take over this house to mark the end of a long journey to save the high street and a new sense of hope for the future. As artists who grew up in Everton and Anfield, we want to particularly highlight the wealth of creativity present in the everyday of our communities.

WHO Brad Barret, Janet Brandon, Maria Brewster, Fred Brown, Tim Brunsden, Peter Carney, Catherine Dalton, Jess Doyle, Grace Harrison, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Tim Jeeves, Sam Jones, Britt Jurgensen, Jayne Lawless, Mark Loudon, Deborah Morgan, Louis Jeck Prestidge, Silent Sleep, Lena Simic, Jo Steel, Mia Tagg, Melissa Tennant, Ehsan Vaziri and Franny G Williams.


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