Cyprus College of Art

Great Wall of Lempa, Cyprus College of Art.

From 2007-08 I spent a year in Cyprus at the Cyprus College of Art. It was another pivotal moment in my practice as I’d come out of a UK based art world that was still then very concept based, with greater emphasis placed on the idea rather than the practical side of physically making a piece, or what was seen as traditional forms of art, like painting, drawing etc. Cyprus College of Art felt like a much-needed antidote to that conceptual mainstream approach and it was a tonic, under the guidance of the college founder and artist, Stass Paraskos, to be able to spend time re-acquainting myself with the making, without always being quizzed on the ‘why’. I’d found that in the UK you had to come up with the narrative of the work first, leaving no time to explore with the materials. I learnt a lot from my tutor John Sims too, about seeing drawing, for example, as the artwork itself, whereas before I’d only used sketches to help me articulate an idea. During this period Stass invited me to ‘make something’ that would be part of the Great Wall of Lempa. This was a real honour. The wall at that point had been growing for years, each invited artist adding to it, starting from the mid 80s.

The Wall


Wood Constructions