Dead Pigeon Gallery – The Office of Dan Carden MP for Walton, Anfield, Liverpool 4

2018 – 2021

During the show at the original site DPG site we had a visit from Ian Byrne, then office manager of Dan Carden, Labour MP for Walton’s office, now a Labour MP himself representing West Derby, Liverpool. We discussed bringing artwork to Dan’s new office in Anfield and from this we developed the idea of making ‘Dead Pigeon Gallery’ transportable. Rather than let the temporary exhibition and gallery die when the building we were currently in (now known as The Tapestry near Liverpool City centre) was redeveloped, we decided we could take it where we wanted to, asking people with buildings to, in effect, host our gallery. Dan’s office became the first inception of this. We’re still there! We’ll launch our latest show, ‘Dockers’ by Dave Sinclair as soon as Covid-19 restrictions permit in 2021. We’ve built an ongoing collaborative partnership with everyone at Dan’s office creating a base for a criss-cross of ideas, conversation and debate covering a myriad of topics falling under art and politics.

Show 3

Dockers by Dave Sinclair

‘In September 1995, 500 Mersey Dock and Harbour workers were sacked for not crossing a picket line set up by sacked Dockers from a small stevedore firm called Torside. They were then in dispute for two and a half years. Dave Sinclair supported and documented the dispute from the first to the last day. The exhibition will be open to the public as soon as covid-19 restrictions allow.

‘Dockers’ a short film by Harvey Morrison 

The film shows snippets of a conversation we had with Dave Sinclair along with Joel Hansen from Scottie Press Newspaper, as Dave installed his work with Jodyanne Richardson at MP Dan Carden’s office. It provides an insight into the daily work of a documentary photographer and a concise overview of the dispute itself. A crucial moment in working class history. The work will be available for public viewing when it’s safe to do so and we’ll make a further announcement at the time. The video came about because we were unable to let people in. This new route we’ve taken into commissioning filmmaking we aim to continue post pandemic, so people who are unable to access the shows for other reasons are still able to participate at some level. The film was supported by Dead Pigeon Gallery Patrons via Patreon and Arts Council England.
Music is by Mel Bowen.

Show 2

A Little Painting Show curated by Josie Jenkins

A Little Painting Show was an exhibition of little paintings curated by Josie Jenkins, who invited the exhibiting artists to show one work each. The exhibition featured work by artists based in Merseyside alongside artists from parts of the UK. It included artists at a range of points in their career, from recent graduates to critically acclaimed artists.

Exhibiting artists: Keith Ashcroft, Daniel Newsham, Max Mallender, Josie Jenkins, Anna Ketskemety, Brendan Lyons, Rosie Greenhalgh, Gay Caul, Michael Lacey, Oscar Godfrey, Jen Orpin, Sarah Gilman, Ula Fung, Bernadette O’Toole, James Quin, Jason Hollis, David Lock, Bryan Hible, Lindsey Lavender, J.A. Nicholls, Enzo Marra.

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Show 1

Everyday Politics curated by Jayne Lawless

As the first in a unique collaboration between Dead Pigeon Gallery and The Office of Dan Carden MP, this exhibition demonstrated how art and politics could be housed together under one roof, offering many avenues for discussion, including the value of art and culture to a community. A collaboration of this nature was a new approach by Dan Carden’s Office, showing the community an open attitude and that new ideas were welcomed and encouraged. As the second exhibition in Dead Pigeon Gallery’s portfolio, the focus now turned to the value of art and culture to working class communities, bringing a contemporary art gallery to a place where local residents might usually go to attend a councilor’s surgery or access welfare advice. With the exhibition housed on its walls, the everyday life of the office continued.

Artists: Catherine Dalton, Jane MacNeil, Jayne Lawless, Josie Jenkins, Louis Jeck Prestige, Mark Loudon

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