High Vis – a group show of local, national and international artists including painters, film-makers, sculptors, musicians and a dancer.

This was Dead Pigeon Gallery’s 8th site, this time a former bakery warehouse on Marvin St in the heart of an industrial site in the Kensington area of Liverpool. 

This show was originally planned to open Nov 5th but after Covid-19 restrictions were announced we re-organised the whole show (including live performances) and packed it into one glorious Wednesday 4th Nov until we could re-open again for a run in December 2020.

Performances were all be behind closed doors in the evening and went out via live streams from our Instagram and Facebook pages – it was an exceptional day and night and we will always be grateful to all who pulled together so quickly to re-organise at such short notice. As everyone found during these unprecedented times, managing to put anything on proved exceptionally challenging, but we’ll always be proud we got this one off the ground.

Film credit Jack Carter, film student at Liverpool John Moores University.


Georgina Aasgaard (cellist) performing with professional dancer Hollie Coleman.

Mel Bowen performing as a trio with members of his ‘The Original Series’, band

Exhibiting artists:

Catherine Dalton, Robert Flynn, Ula Fung, Jacob Gourley, Jacqui Hallum, Joel Hansen, Anna Ketskemety, Jayne Lawless, Mark Leckey, Brendan Lyons, Harvey Morrison, Chris Oliver, Gina Tsang, Collette Whittington

Review in Art in Liverpool: