Home? 2005, Onjaty, Bucowiec, Poland

Home? is an outdoor installation made from found objects in and around the house where I was staying during a month’s residency in Bucowiec, Poland near Lodz. The summer residency revolved around spending time with local kids in order to help them pick up English via art workshops and hanging out generally, some getting involved with other locals, when setting up Home? During my walks, early evenings, I noticed a chair sitting by a large pond. It struck me as out of place, but ultimately right at home; a feeling I identify with a lot during my residencies and time spent away from Liverpool. Turns out it belonged to a local farmer. It was where he sat to fish. We asked him if he minded me using it as a focal point for my artwork. He wasn’t bothered so we did. What I remember most about the day, as we all just kind of hung out and had a really good time, we that we all kind of bought into this idea of ‘Narnia’ and other dimensions, and somehow if we all believed, we could be in touching distance of changing our destiny at any moment. Liverpool had just won the Champions League in 2005, when I first went out there. Our goalie was Polish, Jerzey Dudek, so I think we were all a bit sprinkled in that magic experienced from a sense of communal joy!