L5-6QW, 2011, galvanised steel
Site 1 South Gloucestershire

L5-6QW is both a project and a sculpture, built from 8 scaffold poles inserted into eight welded galvanised steel cubes sat on top. The steel was donated by SiteXOrbis, the dominant company used to secure empty buildings in the area at that time. L5-6QW is also the post code for the house in Granton Road, Everton, Liverpool, where I grew up, which was demolished as part of one of the many so-called urban regeneration schemes enforced on communities all around Britain. I was inspired to create the work after the landscape of our streets gradually became a sea of of metal grills.

This sculpture moved across three sites, starting on a hill in Gloucestershire, then up a mountain in Wales and finally to a reclaimed area of land in Bootle, Merseyside. 

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Liverpool Biennial – 2up 2down Project interview with Jeanne Van Heeswick, prequel to L5-6QW:

Jayne Lawless on Granton Road on Vimeo

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Site Locations

Site 1 – South Gloucestershire, May – October 2011.

Site 2 – Gwaelod-y-Garth, South Wales, 2012 – 2013.

Site 3 – Safe Productions, Bootle L20, 2013 – present