One Day at a Time Boys


One Day at a Time Boys – Dead Pigeon Gallery worked for the first time with residents from Damien John Kelly House and their ‘One Day at a Time Boys’, project. Damien John Kelly House is an abstinence-led residential recovery centre in Wavertree. The exhibition takes a look at stories led by recovery via the lads themselves, taking daily walks and recording what they see using cameras. It presents a collection of photographs and text expressing these daily observations and thoughts and is curated and led by Sam Batley.

A recent feature about Damien John Kelly House can be found here, giving you an insight into the project: You can also see more on One Day at a Time Boys’ Instagram and Twitter pages.

This exhibition took place in The Bakery, the former bakery warehouse in the Kensington area of Liverpool that previously housed High Vis exhibition.

The opening night featured presentations from some of the One Day at a Time Boys lads, as well as a performance from classical cellist Georgina Aasgaard.

An Open Love Letter from Dead Pigeon Gallery to One Day at a Time Boys

We all know we shouldn’t have favourites, but this was one of our favourites! Meeting the lads from Damien John Kelly House has been a natural and organic thing due to our paths crossing via other projects we’ve worked with such as Peloton Liverpool and Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

When a connection happens in a natural way like that there’s nothing forced or contrived, just an ongoing conversation. You’re crossing paths above a bedrock of good people doing good things meaning the precedent is already set.

The show itself felt like that, an ongoing, emotionally charged, incredibly open conversation set on positive foundation that continued visually through the photographs spreading out onto the walls of a former bakery/warehouse/former home for raves in Kensington! It all adds into the mix. It began for the lads months and months ago, then we entered into the conversation more recently, then in turn introduced more people into it and so on…that butterfly effect that doesn’t end when the show comes down.

I think we’ve all really bonded through this exhibition and learnt a hell of a lot from each other, AND I think we’re all ultimately after the same thing – a life that is dominated by joy and exploration, an endless curiosity, a continuous conversation leading from one thing to another in a natural way. Whether that be via creative endeavours or sport or whatever, the relationships you make and the decisions you take that can raise or lower your vibrations that attract more of what you want or hope for, a ‘like for like’ exchange develops, our collective vibe was on ‘buzzing’ throughout and we aim to stay there. One person described the feeling as a movement, and there’s no denying a collective belief is a thing to behold.

All this without talking about the work itself, which was incredible! And the opening night, and the comments spoken and left for us to peruse later in our sketchbook, and Georgina Aasgaard playing her cello for us, and hearing some of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard from the lads.

We’ll let the images do the rest of the talking. If you missed it, doesn’t matter, share in the love radiating from this post about it. And keep your eye on Sam Batley, you’ll see him at Cannes Film Festival one day, and as for all of the ‘One Day At A Time Boys’ boys, like us, the world’s our oyster too!!!

Massive thanks to Gary Lambert @glamgigpics for all the photographs and generally being around and becoming a welcome part of the crew.

And, of course to Pete and Helen for letting us use your space again, and Paddy too, for being around for whatever we needed.

Jayne x

One Day at a Time Boys Installation

Photographs by Gary Lambert

One Day at a Time Boys Exhibition

Photographs by Gary Lambert