Dead Pigeon Gallery – The Old Griffin, Kirkdale

2018 – 2019

Between 2018 and 2019 Dead Pigeon Gallery inhabited a space in The Old Griffin; a former pub and brothel, now antiques and collectables warehouse in Kirkdale. Here DPG had a workspace as well as a platform to display and sell ethical merchandise. During this time DPG also invited other artists/organisations to share the space for short residencies. This included a week long residency, where Liverpool based artist Josie Jenkins opened the space for visitors every day, inviting people to watch the process of making a painting and a takeover by Raising the Ralla, a community focused initiative run by Ralla Ecological garden, who invited the public visit and find out more about the project.

Watch a time lapse video Josie Jenkins made, documenting the making of the painting “After Thomas Cole with Hot Air Balloon” from start to finish, featuring everyone who visited during the week.