Lovely Mr Macintosh, Where Are You Now?

Lovely Mr Macintosh, Where Are You Now? 2019, wall based installation in a bedroom of a terraced house using household emulsion and acrylic paint.

An artwork exhibited in Dead Pigeon Gallery at 189 Oakfield Road, evoking memories from my family home around the corner, where we grew up, on Granton Rd.

My Mum always let us draw on the walls when she was redecorating, so this one time when we came home from school she’d stripped all the walls and told us to do what we liked! One of my brothers had been telling us about this fella who’d visited them in school that day called Mr Macintosh. He told us he worked in a chocolate factory and we couldn’t believe it! We straight away imagined it being more like The Wonka Factory. I asked my brother what he looked like. At the time we were all into the TV show, Inspector Gadget, so I think that was his influence as he drew Mr Macintosh in a macintosh coat and a kind of cowboy hat. We decided that’s who we’d put on the wall. We drew him huge and imagined him like some kind of superhero WITH chocolate, and wondered where he was now. Was he sitting in his chocolate factory as we spoke? We wrote, ‘Lovely Mr Macintosh, where are you now?’ around the drawing and he became legendary in our many childhood stories that we made up regularly. On walking back into this house around the corner, 189 Oakfield Rd, this memory came flooding back, so I repeated the image, and wrote this poem to go with it…

An Ode to Granton Road

He worked in a Chocolate Factory,

lovely Mr Macintosh…

What a hero he turned out to be.

We drew him tall,

upon our wall

he became our imaginary friend.

Joining others in our game,

and our Mother around the bend.

Jayne Lawless